Think about hosting your next event at our Club. The Hayward Serenity Club has a spacious assembly room as well as kitchen facilities. We have a few requirements but the most important one is that it be a “clean and sober” function.

We also have sturdy tables and chairs for rent.

The Board of Directors must approve all rentals.

Assembly Room Rent Fee$50 per meeting (maximum capacity is 200 people), 4 hour time limit.

Current club members will get a 50% discount ($25 per meeting). A $25 security deposit will be collected prior to the event. The security deposit will be returned if the facility is in the same condition after the event that it was before the event.

12 Step activities will not be charged a fee. A donation to the club would be appreciated.
Tables & Chairs Rental FeeTable fee: $10 each table
Chair fee: $1 each chair
These fees are for 3 days rental. After 3 days, late fees will be assessed as per the board.

$50 deposit is required ($25 for members). Deposits will be refunded when items rented are returned in the same condition as when they were taken from the club. A rental agreement will need to be signed.

For more information, download
Club Rental Fees and
Guidelines for Using the Club Facility

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