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Annual Membership Meeting - 8/1/2011
Submitted by Sheron H., President, Board of Directors
The Annual Membership Meeting of the Alano Society of Sawyer County, WI Inc. was held at the Hayward Serenity Club on Saturday July 30th. Tuesday NA hosted the monthly Recovery Dinner at the same time. A pot luck dinner was served with rotisserie chicken from Marketplace Foods of Hayward.

Elections of Board members proceeded with returning members Fran P. & Ryan P. as well as new member Steve R. being elected for two-year terms. Kathy G. accepted the nomination to fulfill one of the vacant seats for the remaining one-year term.

There is currently another vacant position on the Board with one year remaining. This is a great way to be of service to the recovering community. Please see any Board member if you are interested in a position on the Board.

A sincere thank you to past and present Board members for your service throughout the years!

Next, the club’s new web site was presented to the group. Thanks Debbie for a great site!

A request for special donations was made to continue with the improvements to the club without dipping into our reserves. We just had another repair on the furnace blower to keep the air conditioning working. We are now looking at a $500 repair bill for our fire suppression system above the stove in the kitchen. Donation forms are on the bulletin board.

A basket was passed for the purchase of literature for the re-established jail program; donations totaled $70. Thanks everyone for your generosity. And, Jim K., thank you for taking on this project!

We then auctioned off the doll house which was made and donated by our Vice President Ryan P. All proceeds went to the club. The highest bidder was John H whose 3 year-old granddaughter was was playing with it before it was out the door. Thank you Ryan!

On a personal note, I want everyone to know how grateful I am for having served this club as Treasurer and President. Please know that although I am stepping down from the Board, I will continue to serve. Service to and for others is a big part of our program.

Sincerely, Sheron H., President
Re-establish AA Visits To Sawyer County Jail - 7/24/2011
Submitted by Jim Kenney, Freedom House & Alano Society Board
Various community groups and leaders have noted that AA visits to inmates at Sawyer County Jail have dissipated over the past year and have asked the Hayward Serenity Club and AA to see what can be done to organize and support regular visits.

We've gotten the message to AA groups that a new program is being organized and that we needed volunteers to do the jail visits. So far, we have a number of individuals stepping forward to help. Applications for visiting approvals and picture IDs are required. We still need a few more volunteers.

We eventually hope to have two males and two females go in for a meeting at 7pm on Mondays for about 45 min – Women to Huber Group; Men to regular group; at 8 pm the teams will re-enter, this time Women with regular group and Men with Huber men group. That way we will cover all inmates that may be interested.

Thanks to all that have helped, stepped up and are willing to take on this important program work.

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