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12 Step Recovery Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Al-Anon, Narcotics Anonymous (NA),
Gamblers Anonymous (GA), Double Trouble (DT)

All meetings are wheelchair accessible and non-smoking

Fellowship Group Time Type
     AA AA No Name Group-Topic 9:00 AM Open
     All Sunday Football OPEN CLUB Noon Open
     DT Double Trouble (dual diagnosis) 5:00 PM Open
     NA We Are Recovering Group 7:00 PM Open
     AA AA Topic 10:00 AM Closed
     Al-Anon Monday Morning Al-Anon 10:00 AM Closed
     All Monday Football OPEN CLUB 4:00 PM Open
     Other Life Recovery 6:00 PM Open
     AA 12 & 12 7:00 PM Closed
     AA Musky Group-Topic 7:00 PM Closed
     NA Narcotics Anonymous-Topic 8:00 PM Closed
     DT Double Trouble (dual diagnosis) 5:00 PM Open
     Al-Anon Wednesday Serenity AFG 6:00 PM Closed
     AA Big Book Study Group 7:00 PM Closed
     AA Women's AA Group-Topic 2:00 PM Closed
     AA Grapevine Study Group 5:00 PM Open
     GA Gambler's Anonymous 5:00 PM Open
     Al-Anon Friday Step Into Recovery Al-Anon Noon Closed
     DT Double Trouble (dual diagnosis) Noon Open
     NA Narcotics Anonymous-Topic 5:30 PM Closed
     AA Football, Fishing & Fellowship 7:00 PM Closed
     AA AA Studies Al-Anon 9:30 AM Closed
     AA AA Topic 11:00 AM Closed
     AA AA Beginner's Group 5:30 PM Open

AA Meeting Room


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